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    Hi there I have similar set up to Simon and Jim. I have termly APDR process reviewing and amending targets with all identified pupils – EHCP (E) SEN Support (K) and School Support (in house monitoring at Wave 2) school monitored pupils may be well supported with targeted support and adaptive teaching but if limited progress more specialist support sought.
    With regard to pupils with EHCP their outcomes are to be achieved by end of hey stage so I work with teacher to identify key areas to work in that term and add any daily support/strategies to their plan to ensure it is clear that this support is weaved into their package of daily support.

    So difficult when each LA expects something slightly different. There are no requirements for recorded IePs but documenting the APDR process is required to be able to show journey. We do this by using a one page doc with pupil and parent voice along with current targets (usually termly but a working doc so can be altered whenever required)