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    The best test is the CELF but it’s not administer able by just anyone, a speech therapist or Ed Psych is needed.

    Language Link and NELI (nursery /reception) are able to be administered by SENCOs, teachers,TAs

    Ravens progressive matrices comparés non verbal reasoning with vocab knowledge which gives a good indication of a spiky profile if there is a large difference between the two scores or either is outside the “normal” range. It can be administered by SENCOs.

    I worked in a speech & language unit for some years and the children referred in at ks1 most often had a very obvious / severe speech delay/difficulty but the ones who Joined us at KS2 almost all had language difficulties, receptive, auditory processing. semantic / pragmatic etc. Receptive language difficulty often goes undetected until Key stage 2 when the vocab demands get greater on children and it’s harder to get by with a few keywords and copying everyone else. But as DLD affects 2 children in every class it’s a good consideration if you have concerns.