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    An educational psychologist is a doctorate (PhD). In the UK one Ed psych may be attached to many schools and will write reports which are used when deciding if children need an EHCP and if they are required will assist in suggesting content for one. Ed psychs may be privately contracted to the school or assigned to the school by the local authority, who have their own teams of Ed Psychs. In theory they can observe and offer strategies and work with parents, teachers & pupils but in realityis it more often that they are used to evidence need for an Education Health Care Needs Assesment.
    Some UK schools have counsellors now -especially high schools – who would need supervision and membership of an appropriate professional body.

    I believe American masters degrees are roughly equivalent to our Honours Degrees (L6) which all UK qualified teachers must have. Although not all teachers are qualified (academies can employ whomever they choose).

    All schools must have a SENCO who *must* be a qualified teacher – the only member of staff actually who must be – and who must also have or be working towards a NASENCO (L7) qualification or the newer NPQ SEN.

    The SENCO *may* be able to interpret WISC scores depending on their background & experience level; but many tests can only be *administered* by appropriately qualified psychology graduates or those with qualifications in psychometric testing. Pearson Clinical, for example, clearly state what qualifications are required for each test on their website.

    A SENCO is a teacher with the knowledge and experience to support teachers in making reasonable adjustments and developing resources, strategies and interventions to support pupils with SEND and to call in additional support if he/she doesn’t feel qualified to do so.