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Nat JNat J

    Hi there,

    We have around 25 students using them daily as part of their normal way of working.

    We have a central charging trolley kept in the SEND office. Each Chromebook and charging portal is labelled with an indiidual student’s name, so that thre is consistency there and we can monitor who is using them / who hasn’t returned the device, etc. The expectation is that the student collects it and returns it each day – we find it a really useful opportunity to touch base with some of our students and monitor how there day has been.

    With regards to organisation of work, the Assistant SENDCo meets with students who work on Chromebooks every few weeks as part of a rota where she will monitor the saving and naming of documents, etc. Each subject area will have its own folder that is shared with their teacher, so the teacher can access each bit of classwork. I usually encourage students to be working on one document per focus, eg. a series of lessons on cells all on the same document, so that there aren’t throusands of files being created.

    It’s not a perfect science but it works well for us. Not sure where you’re located, but we’re in Leicestershire if you did want to pop by and see what we do.