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    Hi Madeline,

    Congratulations on the job and hope the first half term has gone well. The first term always flys by but you sound as though you are fully stuck into it! Well done.

    I always look at the size of the school, level of SEND etc in a school before recommending a software. Also ask yourself questions such as:
    – How much time have I got to be using/ updating it?
    – Do I have time to train staff on a rolling basis or do I need something that I can train up staff with and let run? Can I afford the time with staff questions about using the software?
    – Do I have the time to implement this now or better to build it up in the summer term and roll out in at the start of the academic year?
    – What do I actually want to gernate from the software eg reports termly? Costings? intervention schedules?
    – How much do I want to spend on the software as a one off cost or with annual subs?
    – Biggy – can my current school IT systems support a whole school software?

    Those are just a few and there are many more!

    Depending on above there are then options, with the most popular being Provision Mapping by Edukey, SIMS or even a good old fashion spreadsheet.

    Hope this helps,