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    I think the targets on an echp are for an entire key stage and so need breaking down into short term smart targets and I would say not less than termly, but you could review and decide it keep the target if progress has been made, but not as mich as you’d like and they can get there next time.

    Below ehcp, the Code is clear that it expects the assess do plan review cycle to be done at Increasingly short intervals to manage increasing need ie if the first intervention doesn’t work you can’t just stick them on it again… You need to break it down further and shorten it so it gets reviewed quickly and their needs are met responsively. In practice this is hard as it doesn’t fit with whole class target setting etc.

    I called the target documents assess plan do review (APDR) and laid them out that way – current assessment at the top, the plan or SMART target, Do was how we would get them there so the details of who, when, what etc, and review at the end. I included pupil and parent voice sections and also “one thing people admire about me” so there’s a positive.

    Hope that helps 🙂