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    hi, I think it depends on which setting you are in. I work in mainstream secondary and we do not have any targets for our students with SEN. Those with EHCPs have their section E outcomes they are working towards so I do not believe it is right to pile on even more targeting to them as they are already having to work harder than most to access the curriculum and make their progress. All students have their academic targets as well as the targets to maintain good attendance and behaviour. Therefore no IEPs etc. We do have a database with a row for each student (per year) that details their history of need and adaptations/strategies/reasonable adjustments etc for each individual. There is no longer any staging beyond SEN support (K) and EHCPs. If you have all the IEPs and targets etc, in a secondary school where a student might have about 20 teachers per week, there is very little chance of it being read and used as intended. Good luck!