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    Read Aloud is an extension, so has to be added:
    Search Google → Chrome Web Store → Read Aloud or visit this link: Chrome Extension Reader 2. Select “Add to Chrome” button next to the “Read Aloud” option. 3. A pop-up box will appear – select the “Add extension” button.
    Once installed, you should see the Read Aloud icon top right in the menu bar.
    Highlight text in a Google doc, click on the icon and the text should appear in a separate window and be read to you.
    Once you have done this, below the icon should appear a cog wheel. If you click on this, you get access to the settings and can alter the voice, its speed, pitch and volume as well as make adjustments to the highlighting in the text window. Users should be trained to use these settings for themselves as they are key to being able to hear the voice clearly.