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    It is sad to hear how teachers are not engaged with SEN. I think you could also do a session on SEND law which clearly states that teachers are responsible for the progress of their SEN students. If you do not have the relevant legislation I can find that for you. Another option is a collaborative CPD where teachers brainstorm the needs they are seeing and are struggling with and then in their groups brainstorm what they do / can do to meet those needs – take ownership for their QFT. Additionally I would say that all the QFT suggestions you make, you frame with the narrative that you are doing all you can to make planning as efficient as possible and if teachers get into the habit of planning to ‘meet the needs of many’ (neurodiversity) they will already be doing a great amount to support. Emphasise structure and consistency. We have a whole school policy of a 3 minute silent task at the start of EVERY lesson. It is a game changer and I highly recommend. Good luck!