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    hi, I think the person you need to focus on is your headteacher, and the rest of the SLT. This attitude shift needs to happen from the leadership of the school and they need to model this and support you. Not sure if you have this level of support? Another thought is, have you got staff members who have additional needs and could do a CPD session. One of our teachers with dyslexia did a recent session here, and another has a daughter who is school refusing. Both these sessions had a really big impact. We have short CPD sessions (10 mins) online on a Friday morning. Another session was where a student with ADHD also led on how he feels and what it is like to navigate secondary school with the needs that ADHD brings. Again teachers really responded well to that, especially as he had been brave and spoken to all the staff. Do you provide little history of need or profile for each student for teachers to try to get to know the students? Do they have a one page profile or similar? If you have SLT support, could you have some INSET time spent purely on building relationships with students with SEN?