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    Hi, This is also true of our Reception cohort this year and I am hearing it from so many other colleagues in different schools.
    Apologies – you have probably tried all of the following already but here goes:
    Circle time with the teacher talking about expectations aand reaffirming the positives.
    Taking photos of children making good choices and displaying them around the room, and then drawing attention when you see a child behaving appropriately.
    ‘Catching children being good’ in the moment and praising them.
    Providing social stories for individual parents to go over at home with their children – each story needs to focus on just one type of behaviour that you want to change.
    Using countdowns/timers when you want children to transition to another activity.
    Using songs, which children can join in with, to get children to transition from one activity to another.
    Introducing Home School Communiaction Books for specific children so that parents are aware of the behaviour.
    Logging more serious behaviours to support onward referrals.
    Completing behaviour sheets so you can log day of week/time/what happened just before/ what type of behaviour was displayed exactly – so that you can try to identify any possible triggers and seek to avoid these! Although this can be time consuming, the reflection & analysis of these sheets can sometimes be revealing!
    Keep reminding yourself of all those children who ARE behaving appropriately, and remember to praise them too.

    Also, it sounds like some of them may need referrals to social communication team/EP/ Behaviour Support Service.