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    Hi Helen,

    My heart goes out to you and for what it is worth, let me emphasis you are far from alone. This is a common story in my county of Suffolk and I suspect throughout the nation at the moment. The problem is that there simply are not enough special schools or specialist trained teachers of SEND for the need that exists. Why? Well this is an increasingly complex problem but I believe is not being helped by the smoke screening of the inclusive education ideology that has been promoted for the last 20 + years. The realities of the need for special schools that can provide specialist teachers specifically for the needs of the child and the appropriate special resources have been expediently ignored by successive governments in the name of ‘incusive education.’ You may be interested to know that I am addressing this issue head on in my presentation of my new book ‘Inclusive Education at the Crossroads: Exploring Effective Special Needs Provision in Global Contexts,’ and discussions at the World Education Summit next week (18 – 20 March). I do hope you will join me and others and please do present this issue as a question during at the conference.

    For now my only advice is to fight your corner for your student by encouraging the parents to recognize their rights. Impress on them that persistent pressure from them backed up by knowledge of the Children and Famiies Act and the SEND Code of Practice (2015) will be the only route to effecting any infuence on local authority decision making about the best provision for the child. All the very best.