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    Honestly there is not enough information. I am not sure why you suggest possible ASD? I am guessing a group of children have been screened and this spiky profile has come up. All it really indicates is that you should investigate this child further – where a screener such as LUCID can have value. These results indicate good comprehension skills but a low word reading ability and below average spelling. Average speed of handwriting and good typing ability. But these tests are usually administered in a group setting and as another person has suggested, include multiple choice items, so it is hard to know how the child performed – maybe they were administered individually and the child was observed? So one must question how reliable these scores are.
    I would advise gathering background information and looking at how the child is performing in class, meeting targets/age expected expectations, meeting with the child. Have difficulties been observed or reported? then possibly further testing…. The child possibly needs a reading and spelling intervention but it is hard to tell based only on this information.