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    Hi there – currently working through my exams assessor course, so not 100%, but my paperwork is saying that over 25% ET is an exceptional arrangement, and as such you need to have a body of evidence to demonstrate this is needed for your student. My information from PATOSS is suggesting that two ‘substantially below average’ standard scores of 69 or less relating to reading speed, writing speed or cognitive processing could suggest this could be helpful, or a confirmation of a physical disability from a medical professional, detailing that this needs to be put in pace for them.

    It might not be helpful, but supervised rest breaks is a centre based arrangement, and just needs a Form 9 and for it to be the student’s normal way of working. Could this be used?

    I echo everyone by saying that you must only try for the arrangement if YOU feel it’s needed. If it helps, I have seen research that makes it quite clear that giving a student more time doesn’t mean they do better academically…especially as the extra time can be very stressful. Unfortunately some parents can push for everything, thinking it will help – and it’s not the case if the student doesn’t need it.

    I hope this helps! 🙂