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    I was recently under a lot of pressure from a student’s parents who believe that due to his disability he should be allowed 40-50% extra time. We do not have teacher evidence that this is needed but we do have evidence from observation that he needs longer more frequent rest breaks. When you apply online for more than 25%, even with a diagnosis or disability, you are still required to provide evidence of testing results of very low scores (e.g. standardised scores of 60). So, we paid our external tester to do a range of testing and I did exact with him, but still only one subtest that was very low. So he can’t have more than 25%. It is a rare and exceptional case. Do you have a specialist tester? Or presumably you are qualified because you are doing the exact? There are a whole lot of tests you could choose from, but exact will give you a good idea as to which area the student might be slow in. Also, as you say, if he is typing then this is another question you have to answer when applying online for more than 25%. You could always try emailing Nick Lait at JCQ with the specific case if you are really stuck. Stick to the rules, it is your decision not parents’.