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    I would suggest having a look here as a starting point:

    Lot of this depends on your context, how many TAs do you have and are you their direct line manager? It might be useful to meet with each person individually once a fortnight where you can discuss feedback specific to them. Set them some things to focus on and review progress at the next meeting.

    Meeting with all at the same time is likely to be much more of a challenge due to hours and the nature of their role. Perhaps using a time during a whole school assembly or during a break or lunchtime to discuss some points relevant to everyone.
    What are the strengths within your team? Can they mentor each other or shadow each other in a similar way to how teachers may observe each other to develop their practice? Due you have any services you buy in that can link to this e.g. SaLT hours or OT hours, etc.

    Good luck.