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    We have exactly the same (to the point where I logged on just to see whether it was a colleague that had written this!) Coupled with the student’s needs is also a responsible to keep other students safe. That is always our central message. Students had an assembly, planned alongside the student with TS, at the start of Y7 to explain the condition and ways they needed to frame their thinking about it. After incidients of headlocking or where the student has upset a peer because of what he’s said during a tic, we always begin with a conversation with the student with TS and the ‘victim’ of any behaviours. Whilst the student’s tics are involuntary, we take preventative measures to safeguard the physical and emotional safety of others who may be feeling vulnerable, from seating plan changes, to requiring the student with TS to leave lessons a few minutes early so that he can move around the school with no other students there to stimulate the tics. Talking at length about the impact the tics are having on others has been beneficial, too, explaining that whilst the tics are the perpetrator, rather than the student, we still have victims and their needs must be respected and met, too.