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Hi – there are a lot of great opportunities for CPD out there.

Speech and language CPD is really valuable due to the impact of SLCN on literacy, numeracy, academic achievement, behaviour, well-being, future prospects including employment; the vast number of children with speech and language needs (numbers have really increased following COVID lockdown); and the fact that upskilling staff can support identification of SLCN as the root cause of difficulties, rather than e.g. behaviour or other factors mentioned above and therefore help practitioners work effectively with these children, supporting them where it is needed.

It is an area that is so often misunderstood or seems confusing and definitely worth skilling up staff in. Supporting children appropriately with speech and language can benefit so many other areas and is such an investment in the long run.

For foundation and more in-depth skills in speech and language, here are two remote CPD courses which include practicing new skills and tools in the classroom and contact throughout with a speech and language therapist:

Virtual twilight sessions including Q and A, that can also be used on demand for e.g. INSET/twilight on specific areas of speech and language:,communication%20needs%20within%20your%20school.

Also – you can sign up to receive free SLCN news:

Hope this helps!