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    He’s a bit young for it, but if cognitively able may also benefit from an approach like Zones of Regulation.

    Explicit teaching of what he can do, if overwhelmed, instead of flight / scream. Has he got a safe space eg cardboard box, dark tent, sensory room etc to withdraw to? Help him learn about his arousal cycle so he recognises the signs of becoming dysregulated. Keep ABC charts to help with this. They will come in handy for further assessments later.

    Safe people – he needs a “team” of people who can be there to help him regulate when he needs it. He needs to know who is in his team.

    Social stories, if done properly (not just downloaded and read half heartedly – the book explains it all or get training). These can be great for teaching scripts for behaving in the expected way and recognising that your own behaviour was unexpected, and led others to think uncomfortable thoughts about you.

    Visual/velcro timetables. 3 velcro red spots countdown to keep him at an activity – the adult can control the length of time easily this way.

    Was the previous setting also less demanding in terms of requiring compliance? May be demand avoidant.

    Identify the key triggers for unwanted behaviours and reduce exposure to these.