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    HI Tamsin.

    I had this problem when I started at my school In September, I realised that when I got there that we were not actually showing progress of children that needed SEN support.

    I designed a granular tracker where the targets from the EHCP/ SEN plan are broken down into steps that can be worked on over an extended period. I took this approach as some children where taking longer than others to achieve their bigger target so added the element of steps in so I could see even the most minute progress. It also meant that the teachers could easily embed the steps into lesson so they were always aware of what specific part of the learning journey that child was on , as well as adapting and amending in the moment. For ease of use I did make this RAG rated so at a glance you could see where the child was at in terms of progress and what step they were on in relation to the bigger target. I also put in percentages to make it really clear how much progress had been made. So a big target might be – to independently write ascenders and descenders. step 1 would be using modelling support write all ascenders and descenders step 2 – would be write the letter P independently step 3 – would be write the letter d independently (and so on) then I would have say 6 to 8 steps to reach the target I could then work out a percentage based on steps completed.

    This has been really handy as for teachers it is clearly identifying what a learner struggles with, it doesn’t add to the work load as they are just embedding an intervention to support that child. From a data perspective it clearly shows progress made at a granular level, although the child could be working at below expected we can actually see where they have made progress. Also it helped me to assess by class, year group and school. It enabled me to highlight is there a specific training need for certain staff or what areas we were strong in/ need to develop.

    I hope this has helped in some way! would be happy to have a further discussion to talk through what the datasheet looks like and how I tracked the progress/ gathered the data .