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Hi – there are a few good resources out there.

For some popular low-cost interventions, I would suggest something like the Talkabout Series for Teenagers (Alex Kelly) or Language for Behaviour and Emotions (Anna Branagan et al.). Language for Behaviour and Emotions is, as you can guess, pretty language based, but explores things like others’ perspectives and utilises and supports growth of verbal reasoning skills within specific scenarios. These are book based activities that can be run within groups.

For something comprehensive and generalisable, I would suggest Speech and Language Link’s secondary package, as there is a lot of focus on functional communication skills which are integral to social skills. Students work together to solve puzzles and problems using a real-life adventure format to groups, which are geared towards pupil engagement. The package also contains staff training, audit, and structured approaches to student self-advocacy. The package is evidence-based, and significant progress has been reported in the impact reports. There is a free trial which I would highly recommend you signing up to, so you can get an idea whether this ticks your boxes.

Here is a link if you are interested:
Impact report: (see around middle section for Secondary Language Link).

Hope that helps, do ask me anything if needed!