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    I have 2 children at my school currently that have this same struggle.

    I have a few questions so I can offer more advice. What is the home life like eg do parents have boundaries that are stuck to? Do the children ever explain why they dont like coming in?
    Do these children have any diagnosis like Asd or PdA?

    In my case what i have done is done quite a few home visits to keep building rapport with mum.and child also regular phone calls with mum.

    I have organised a tutor to go in and work with both boys (funded through their ehcp) with the aim to come in and work with both at school before acting as a TA before eventually stepping away completely and the child being at school.

    My reccomendation is having a meeting with the parents and come up with a plan moving forward. It could be that they come in and work with a member of SLT for short periods of time And then build to accessing prefered lessons before working back in the office.

    Without too much context it is hard to give a more accurate offer of support because if work is the trigger than they will need to spend time building rapport with someone before this can be attempted or if it is more a class teacher or the building this will require a different response.

    Sorry for the long response !!! But i hope something helps.