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    Seems you are on a roller coaster it’s not the child’s fault usually it is down to the unsecured environment they are bought up in ! To be perfectly honest it’s a cry for help in most cases , I am not a specialist but have the experience in dealing with this sort of behaviour tbh you only need a lot of patience and time .
    Have an open discussion with professionals and child carers have a realistic achievable plan, otherwise you will struggle.

    Time & Patience
    Don’t expect him to follow your lead !ask him what are his interests etc then act accordingly but ;-start off with
    Simple ground rules such as : sharing, talk about feelings, walking together, taking care of others around oneself.

    always follow the positive never say No , not now , stop they are all negative words

    Go into nature walk with music and support with another active carer.

    painting , cooking all the stuff which is at free will ! but follow the ground rules at all times

    Once the child is happy and feels safe he will work with you but whatever you do (Do Not Promise anything) otherwise hate will take over .

    With others suppose Hope this helps too

    All the best