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    Hi. Sounds tricky and unfortunately quite common at the moment. Do you have outreach behaviour support or EP you could refer to? It doesn’t sound like classic ‘consequences’ will have an impact on this child and there are 2-5% of children, particularly those with trauma, who will need something different from a whole school behaviour policy and for whom a whole school policy will not work.

    I would suggest an individual behaviour plan which includes ‘levels’ of behaviour and suggested adult responses – include triggers and possible mitigations. Ensure consistency of approach: shared language, neutrality of expression, body language, etc. Focus on de-escalation, connection and then reflection and restoration when he is calm e.g apologising where needed. He needs to feel liked despite his behaviour as he seems to be pushing boundaries to test whether he is still wanted.

    If afternoons are an issue and you have an additional adult, perhaps just go completely off timetable for now to build up tolerance for being in school all day and to reduce the number of incidents. A part-time timetable which reduces the afternoon hours is also possible but there are strict criteria and guidance for how these are used.

    I’m assuming you have done obvious things like a separate, visual timetable with built in rewards. E.G 5 minutes maths then 5 minutes laptop if that is all he can tolerate at the moment… and removed the ‘threat’ of work by really simplifying it to make it very achievable.

    I also wonder if staff are struggling to connect with and understand him, then making sure they know about his trauma – in broad strokes – and the impact this could be having on him would also be useful.

    Your policies regarding exclusion etc. will also impact your decisions as a school.

    I’d also strongly suggest some whole school training on trauma informed practice and de-escalation techniques, etc. A referral would be a priority though.

    Hope that was somewhat helpful and good luck!