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    My file contained the following
    Headlines-Progress of SEN, Behaviour and Attendance
    SEN Report-Pie Charts showing distribution of SEN, whole school and year groups
    Case Studies-One EHCP and one SEMH
    Behaviour and Attendance analysis and evidenced response
    Action plan, reviewed and including forward planning relevant previous actions
    Destinations information
    Links between SEN and Behaviour- meetings etc.
    Training PowerPoints
    Staffing information
    SEN List
    Examples of provision mapping, whole school and individual-taken from Edukey in my case
    Examples of responses to challenging cases
    Evidence of meetings(on my digital SEN hub)
    Evidence of liaison with relevant Governors
    Links with teaching staff(training, advice, surgery and learning walks)
    In the Ofsted Sen learning walk the inspector looked for knowledge in teachers and TAs, implementation of adaptations by teachers and TAs, links between what is seen in the classroom and interventions that are implemented.
    I hope this is helpful for all. It was a good learning curve for me and I feel much more confident in handling this in the future!