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    We had a young person in my last primary school who had gender dysphoria from reception upwards. We started by saying they were a boy and they could like girl things, but they struggled so much and eventually, parents supported their transition in Y3. It was a shock for the school, because they literally went home a boy before Christmas holidays and came back a girl in the new year. That highlights that we should have been talking to parents more, so that’s brilliant advice. The situation led to lots of research, lots of looking for guidance, etc and there was not much about back then. She is now 16, so this was a long time ago and I feel things have moved positively since then and there should be more support available to you. I’m sure that people on here will have great ideas around how to deal with this in a practical way, but I just wanted to share that support from school will make a massive difference to that young person and they will always remember those people who supported them with this. Good luck with it all.