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    In the local authority I worked in last, this was calculated at a TA hour cost (regardless of who gave the support) of £655 per TA hour / weekly over 38 weeks. If an intervention was shared you had to divide by the number of participants, eg 4 pupils then cost each pupil at 1/4 of £655 per hour of intervention, but if it was shared, but set up just for the HNF pupil, you could charge all of it (eg circle of friends). You could not charge for breaks / lunch and you could not just say “support in class” it had to be a recognised intervention or strategy, timed in minutes through the day and linked to objectives developed to mitigate barriers to learning. So “arrive, meet & greet” might be 15 mins, 1:1 reading 10 mins, checking the visual timetable at intervals through the day 10 X 2 mins, Zones of regulation intervention – 60 mind /5 pupils etc. This then formed the provision map.