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    Hi Sarah,
    It’s great that you are running coffee mornings for parents. It’s a really good way of breaking down barriers between school and home, establishing good relationships with parents, AND, imparting knowledge. I agree with Abigail about their ‘Play at Home’ sessions – in my experience, many parents are no longer playing with their children and, often, don’t even know how to, so they will resort to devices to keep their children entertained. My company, Behaviour Matters, runs 2-hour parent workshops in schools; one of which is ‘The Power of Play’ which looks at the power of play as a parenting tool, as well as the benefits of each type of play to encourage parents to play with their children. This might be something that complements the ‘Play at Home’ sessions. Another workshop, that has been proving extremely popular lately, is our ‘Understanding Emotional Regulation and Managing Anger’, as many children are now struggling with this, particularly post-lockdown, and parents are finding it difficult to support them. If you are in the London, Greater London or the Southeast area and you would be interested in talking about holding any of our workshops at one of your coffee mornings, please do get in touch (07986098163).
    I am including a link to our website, to learn a little bit more about what we have to offer:
    Click on the parent tab to find out what we have specifically for parents. Thank you.
    I hope your coffee mornings go well and that you have a good turn-out. I know they tend to become better attended, the more word spreads on the playground.
    Best wishes,