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    Is it a child already at your school or parent wants them to come to you? Do they already have an EHCP or is it being finalised?

    I have this with Y6 pupils and their parents wanting to name secondary provision but some schools won’t allow them to visit until they receive a copy of the EHCP which I don’t agree with – it’s parent preference at the end of the day and it is getting harder to say you cannot meet needs.

    It’s not unreasonable for the parent to request a meeting / viewing of the school if they want their child to go there. They may need to visit to rule your school out if you cannot meet needs but you will need to be explicitly clear as to why you can’t meet need – and be honest with the parent about the impact of their child attending your school will have. I always find it strengthens your case with the LA if you have met the child, understand fully what their needs are and refer to this in your response to the LA.