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    My daughter has a diagnosis of ADHD (inattentive type). I got this assessed privately when she was 15 after hitting my head against a brick wall for years, as schools did not agree there was an issue. At school she was quiet and anxious, Monday morning tummy from reception onwards, literacy difficulties (phonologically strong but poor reading comprehension, spelling, tracking very poor), working memory poor, very slow working speed, executive function difficulties. In high school she got a bit disaffected, migraines due to anxiety impacted attendance, in trouble for chatting, being late for lessons, poor organisation, getting out of her seat etc. At home she was very clumsy, drumming on the furniture & jiggly all the time – but I think she held this in at school

    The psychiatrist we saw said there was a striking difference between my assessment of her difficulties, her own self assessment and school’s views. But said she was clearly ND. Everyone agreed that once she was diagnosed & started medication & reasonable adjustments she coped much better.

    She gets on very well at work – she’s a multidisciplinary engineer doing welding, electronics, electrical wiring, programming, pneumatics, etc. They don’t care about spelling, capital letters or full stops, and let her chat & walk around frequently.

    Have you explored with parents their reasons for thinking ADHD is a problem? There are many online checklists.