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    I can’t say whether you are to empathetic, but I can suggest you may not be strategic enough! there is a difference.

    With the rise in SEMH – schools should be ‘educating parents’ on language and terms. For example – there is a difference between being suicidal (high risk) and suicide ideation (just thinking – low risk). Is there scope to bring the community together to talk about stress, anxiety and then signpost support agencies / strategies?

    Something like a “My child’s mental health matters to me” evening.
    Be clear everyone has mental health. So start by what all should be doing – exercise, managed screen time, friendships etc.
    Then come to SEMH – which is illness of difficulties …
    You may need to research first or bring key people in to the session. If you open up to neighbouring schools – CAMHS may come, but you need to control the message takeaways.