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    Hello – I really feel for you in this situation as it can be quite stressful making sure you have all of the right paperwork in place.
    I would start by establishing if any students have AAs due to a medical condition, inc ADHD, ASC, etc. For these students, you still need background evidence and evidence from teachers, but you do not need a Form 8 and can write a detailed File Note.
    For students who have been given AAs based on an assessment, then it doesn’t seem fair to them to put them through another assessment. You will need to ensure there is sufficient background evidence from teachers, previous reports, learning plans, SIMS/ISAMs to complete the Form 8. You would then need to get the assessor to sign their part and to have a copy of their qualifications on file – hopefully this will be possible. If not, speak to your line manager and let them know the situation and get advice.
    Good luck!