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    You will need strong advice for this.

    I suggest IPSEA as a first port of call. Loads of good info letter templates etc

    Getting parents to request it will be easier but you can provide evidence of need *despite support in place already*

    You need to show how the child has needs that may require an EHCP to support them. As a comparison, in mainstream for cognition and learning as the main need, people often say as a rule of thumb, half their age in EY, 2 years behind in KS1 or 4 years behind in KS2. There will in most mainstream classes be children two years behind it ahead if expectations so this is within “normal” ranges however the specific need could be sensory, physical etc.

    Have a look at the child’s local authority paperwork to see what they would normally ask for. Usually, for state schools, it’s 2 cycles of assess plan do review with no progress or progress only evidence with heavy support and a provision map showing how school has spent £6,000 on support. They do need a recent EP report (within 6 months) – but if parents apply, that might just happen.