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    In the letters I send, I remind parents that their child is currently on our SEND register and has an ILP which has been reviewed and updated.

    I encourage all parents to arrange a meeting with me to discuss the ILPs each term. Most parents do this however I do also offer a virtual meeting or phone call as some cannot juggle this during school times with their own working schedule.

    The more hard to reach parents I try to call or speak to on the playground and engage them this way. It is important to note that some of the most hard to reach parents may have difficulties themselves or negative experiences and trauma relating to their own schooling experience. It can be frustrating, and time consuming at first, but I priorities trying to build a connection with these parents to show that we are a safe environment for both their children and them too. You do have to be patient with some parents. If they feel that I am too ‘senior’ and this is making them feel uncomfortable but they have a good relationship with another member of staff, I use that to our advantage and either invite that staff member to the meeting or ask them to talk to the parent about meeting me and what that would entail. Sometimes it has to be a whole school effort to engage these parents.