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    The assigned person from the LA will be able to supply you with the professionals assigned to the YP and supply you with the most up to date EHCP. (asking for a word copy will help when you write up the final amendments)
    Paperwork has to be sent out with 4 weeks notice of the date of the AR – to all concerned parties . Ideally give longer than that , in case there has to be a shift in date. The young person’s voice should be involved in the selection of those attending the meeting, where possible.
    In my experience CAMHS do not attend meetings. With increasing pressures on SaLT and OT, their attendance is becoming less frequent ; but with enough notice , they will provide an up to date report that can be discussed at the AR.
    Collation of paperwork is tricky to manage, but once you have completed a cycle, you will get into the groove. Your LA should have a support network for you, even if it’s a phone call.