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    In our main LA they provide us with a tracker (although we don’t use it as we have YP from 7 different LAs so we create one overall spreadsheet and manage from here). We use a Microsoft Form to collect views, aiming to send out the request for them and the meeting invitation 8 weeks prior to it being held (in reality this doesn’t always happen) so we can then share all reports 2 weeks prior to the meeting. If professionals want to send a report we ask that they include everyone in the email so we don’t have to send out again separately. We try to do the annul review 8 weeks prior to the 12 month anniversary so that all actions can be taken within the year. Does that help? I am happy to share more via email, if that would be useful (we have 450 EHCPs this year, yep that is not a typo it is 450).