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    He does not sound like a PDA presentation and this is, according to research and training in this area, rare within the spectrum although there are elements of avoidance with new situations for a huge number of our young people. I agree with Nicola, am EHCP will not support the areas of need being highlighted and it is more about supporting the family to manage the challenges displayed at home.
    At some point we need health and social care to step forward and do something more beyond providing a diagnosis or signposting to support agencies that do not have the capacity to cope with the needs in front of them.
    Early help are great if they support for longer than 6 weeks and provide training opportunities for the parents with the child.
    Too often I hear health professionals recommend an EHCP without explaining to parent how or why it will help or understand themselves.
    Education is absorbing so much of the other societal areas and there needs to be a more joined up approach which (given current wait times) will only happen if financial investment from the Government occurs