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    Have you considered whether some form of social care assistance may be required within the home, as opposed to whether this needs to be an education-lead statutory application for special educational provision in accordance with an EHC Plan?

    Do you have a conduit available to refer to Social care for an Early Help Assessment? Getting a Team around the Family might be a better way forward. I think it’s well recognised that supporting family stability is key to improving the outcomes of children and young people with SEND. Given that there appears to be an element of additional need within the parenting team (Dad gong through ASD Assessment), this may be more fruitful for both parents and the child.

    If the limit of special educational provision is managing the Childs sensory processing difficulties (loud noises and ear defenders) it is highly unlikely that you’re exhausting AWPU for QFT and the Notional Budget that comes with SEND Register SEND Support. What would an EHCP do to alleviate the “violence” at home…??….. not much?!

    Have parents done the National Autistic Society “Earlybird Autism” course? Have they attended workshops on SPD? There are lots of Health and Social Care workshops and courses available to them as parents to assist in managing ASD ‘outside’ of the education environment.