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    Hi all,

    There are many Provision Mapping programs out there, some are for whole school use, others just for SENCo use.
    The Provision Mapping software from is an example of a whole school approach system, where when fully used it can link with SIMS and pull all information from this, to support with attendance, PP, EAL data as well as SEND. It can then also pull down additional data. As mentioned above, it is however very dependant on the size of your school and your exact requirements – there is also areas that do need work! If you are a large school, high SEND numbers, high numbers of interventions, and you have the time and ability to support staff training, then we would recommend this option (and there are lots of other brands out there!)

    If however you are are smaller setting, low SEND numbers and low level need, there is nothing wrong with a good old spreadsheet. A long as it has the basic requirments on it eg. interventions, impact, costings, next steps etc then that is fine. When we work with school w have 3 that lie over one another – whole school overview, Detailed provision map, and then very child focused one (for use with EHCP applications).