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    My first response to parents is that we cannot undertake an assessment for diagnosis for dyslexia. We do not have a level 7 qualified specialist dyslexia teacher or EP so cannot do this. However, we do have a dyslexia screener (I use Lucid Rapid) which can give an indication of likelihood of dyslexia and will look at which areas tested are weaker/stronger. Firstly I definitely would look at how the student is getting on in class, perhaps talk to the English teacher. I do MidYIS screening for cognitive ability which has a literacy and a processing speed element (under skills) which I check to first to see if it showed a relative weakness in either of these two areas. I also do reading and spelling screening and, again, would check that first.

    It is a very contentious area. Worth telling families that at secondary level, a diagnosis does NOT mean on its own that access arrangements (Extra time) can be applied for, but that at Uni, students can only have access arrangements if they DO have a diagnosis. What a crazy world of SEN…