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    I sorted out our register and this is the criteria I now follow for adding new children.
    – They have an EHCP
    – They have a specific diagnosis that may affect their learning (i.e. ADHD, ASD)
    – They have a My Support Plan (IEP) open – this is a LA document.
    – They are on a Speech and Language programme.
    – They currently receive support from an outside agency or have done in the last academic year (The Specialist SEN Service, Occupational Therapist, paediatrician, nursing team etc.). This has been sought by school.
    – They have been referred by the school to an outside agency but are waiting to be seen or receive a diagnosis.

    All children on the register have a Pupil Passport (one-page profile).

    Any teachers with concerns have to show me that they’ve implemented the ‘Plan, Do, Review’ cycle as part of their QFT before we seek involvement from outside agencies, add to the register etc.

    We have 400 children including a Resource Base, so I have to ensure my time is used wisely and we are targeting the children who need wider support the most.

    Hope that helps a bit.