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    This might be rigidity about the things being “his” and a social story around shared resources might help. Or maybe he’s just not finished and the transition is too hard? All children love to come out of school with something – could he have something else, maybe a note to take home about something that went well?

    Do you expect him to do homework? If so he may not be able to cope with using *his* resources for *your* work.

    Alternatively you could give him a pencil case and let him take it home, but make him responsible for returning with it the next day and only being able to “borrow” items for the day if he doesn’t turn up with them.

    With maths games etc many children in reception / year 1 get to take these home and learn to manage this because there’s a new one next week – is he perhaps only at that level of emotional development? Could he be able to take something home once a week and exchange it once he returns it?

    Could his family/carers introduce the idea of shared public resources that must be returned by visiting the library?