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    In terms of a way to track your register, this style excel sheet is easy to keep and update and you can make a new copy each half term. I have taken out all the identifiable information, and the auto sum/copy functions, but hopefully you can see how the data is inputted and do these yourself in a way which works best for you.

    Although if your school has Provision map/CPOMS or any of the more sophisticated systems for doing the register and tracking pupil progress and information etc, then they usually have much quicker methods which are automatically updated (and are usually downloadable) based on the information you add each half term or any new information about the child (if someone leaves/joins they school they are removed/added automatically this saves time and a headache when numbers don’t add up). You can usually also include more additional information and track communication with parents/other agencies using these types of software, but your options are very dependent in which one(s) your school uses.

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