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    Honestly, I have found using a wall calendar and different colours for when things are due as opposed to confirmed dates has been most useful as I can manage identifying ranges and set dates and also track if something is postponed or has to be rearranged. It also stops me from double booking my time. It should be possible to do the same thing in an online calendar app too, I just like pen and paper so it is right in front of me.

    Alternatively , especially if you have lots of EHCP reviews to schedule set up a basic excel document with each of the pupils with SEND in and a specific tab for EHCP reviews, then work backwards to set the date ranges for each stage of the process (eg: contacting LA and parents to set a date, or send out pre-review paperwork)using 12 months from the last EHCP review/EHCP finalisation as your starting point. It will take a little while to set up and you have to remember to edit as you send emails and get responses etc, but providing you are organised means it is all in one place and easy to refer back to. It can also then be copied as a template for the following year, so set up will take less time next year.

    I hope this helps.