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    For my transition with the old SENDCo I found the following really helpful:
    1) a yearly overview – what I had to get done each term
    2) a list of annual review dates for EHCPs and a crib sheet on how to conduct a review meeting
    3) an outside agencies contact list
    4) spreadsheet of our school SEND register, including areas of need, level of SEND support and outside agencies involved for all SEND pupils
    5) do they have a current action plan? Have they RAG rated how it’s going? If not, what would they say are the main areas of concern in your school regarding SEND?
    6) a good understanding of what paperwork is in place and how often is it reviewed? Ie. at my school we have IEPS and intervention records in Learning plan books that need to be used daily by teachers/LSAs, and all interventions to be evidenced in these books. Reviews of short term targets to be reviewed termly, using specific paperwork.
    7) Important dates for the calendar – SEND review evenings
    8) Staff CPD needs/next steps

    Also make sure that the current SENDCo starts adding your contact details to emails to parents/staff/professionals so they know to include you on future correspondence. Your school website will need amending too so people know who to contact.