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    We had Ofsted first week back in January. I was asked to talk through needs of an EHCP and SEN support pupil but no paperwork was looked at. If have a working knowledge of a couple of pupils and be able to talk through their job into the SEN register and progress make via your provision.

    Here are the questions I had for our section 8 inspection:

    1) How many SEN pupils on roll? How many EHCP? Largest primary area of need for EHCPs vs SEN support pupils? How does your register compare to local and national numbers?

    2) How SEN register changed in last few years? Talk about changes and success you have had for pupils and for staff, eg impact of CPD.

    3) What do interventions look like at your school? How ensure pupils catch up with learning they miss when out doing interventions?

    4) How does the diet of SEN pupils compare to their non-sen peers? How ensure high expectations for sen pupils whilst still personalising the curriculum for them?

    5) How support parents of pupils with SEN? What is their engagement like? How reach those hard to reach families?

    6) Talk me through the graduated approach at this school. How ensure early identification is accurate and proactive?

    7) How do you monitor the attendance of pupils on SEN register? What do you do for pupils with low attendance?

    8) What is the role of TAs in your school? How are they used effectively? How much CPD do they receive?

    9) What CPD have you delivered recently to upskill staff? What areas of need are staff least and most confident with?,How do you address these needs?

    10) How are SEN pupils involved in their learning – whole class and intervention? How do pupils shape their learning?

    Good luck.