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    Good morning,

    We also have a student sitting her A-Level exams this summer who has a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. The medical advice that came from the hospital recommended both supervised rest breaks AND 25% extra time. However, there is not evidence from the teaching staff to support the application for extra time as her diabetes does not affect her speed of working or processing information and as she is able to use rest breaks when needed, additional time is not necessary. The student and I discussed and agreed on this, and so we have applied for supervised rest breaks, the use of a device for glucose monitoring, and access to glucose drinks/tablets. This has all been approved by JCQ and passed to the examinations officer to organise the logistics. The rest breaks can be a s long as is needed to recover, and the student is able to leave the exam room under supervision. Providing separate invigilation would also be considered.

    A file note is needed to confirm the medical condition and reason for rest breaks. AAO – other is also needed for any glucose monitoring device and aids. When the AAO was approved, it came with some advice on how to manage this.

    Unless the student also has learning difficulties or a disability, it appears that extra time is not a reasonable adjustment as it is not fit for purpose.

    I hope that helps!