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    My daughter has Type 1 and did her GCSEs last year. She took her exams out of the main hall and was allowed to stop/start the clock whenever necessary. She was also advised to wait 40 minutes before restarting the exam if she had a hypo. She was provided with a separate room if she needed to stop and had access to food/water at all times.

    Additionally, if she had a hypo in the night, I had to provide evidence so the school could apply for a dispensation ( up to 5%).

    Due to the above she did not require /was not entitled to extra time as the stop/Start ensured she had the full amount of time to complete each exam.

    All the exam adjustments advice came from my daughter’s Specialist Paediatric Diabetes Nurse and was written as a detailed plan so all she invigilators knew what to do. I believe Diabetes UK provide exam advice too.