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    – is the child under statutory school age (5)?
    – check your local authority part time timetable guidance on this. You can speak to your behaviour management / inclusion team /SEND if you’re not sure.

    The posts above are correct, a part time timetable should only be a temporary and time limited measure, and only for *exceptional* circumstances. The DfE have expectations they these are used very rarely and Amanda Spielman was also very clear on this just before Christmas. They are not to be used to manage behaviour.

    This sounds more like the provision is not quite right for this child, just yet. I would suggest an environmental sensory audit might be a helpful starting point in making reasonable adjustments to provision. ABC charts to highlight cause and effect of flashpoints triggers etc.

    I know none of us have £6000 per child but you may be asked to show how you have made this provision if you ask the LA for help either with placement, high needs funding, or make an EHCNA.

    The educational psychology service should be involved, and behaviour support. You LA guidelines may ask, as mine do, for a multi agency meeting to be convened before a part time timetable is agreed.

    I know this is a challenging situation and you are likely to have staff above and below you screaming to know what action you have taken and when “help,” is coming – but all children are entitled to full time education (once they are 5!)