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    Hi – this is tough. Can you work out if it is a sensory issue/ a fashion/ a personal statement issue- who they see themselves as/ something else or a combination? This has happened over time and the underlying reasons may be difficult to find out but there may an argument that it is a personal choice and adaptations will have to be made to enable full access to the curriculum. There are athletes with long nails, for example.

    For children who have had sensory needs with nails a diamond nail file has been helpful. Just one stroke back and forth and then stop. Building up tolerance can take a long time- it has taken time for the situation to develop and try to have small goals in mind- e.g. one finger on each hand during the day- a week and all fingers have had one stroke of the nail file. Allow the young person to do it themselves if possible.

    If it is because someone on tic tock has long nails then the salon and info on stick on nails might be a route – again over time